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Sexy latino?
I recently met a professional honduran man. Although he is average looking, i find him attractive. He is really charming. i asked this question before. I want to know what they are really like. Are honduran men like most latinos with there machismo attitude or are they sweet like the guy i met. I'd prefer if a honduran man or woman could answer my question.
here we go riding this dead horse again......let it die in peace and find something else to entertain yourself with
What are some good sexy latino songs?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song 'Do You Only Wanna Dance' by Mýa (from "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights") and I am looking for some more songs that have that same sexy, dance vibe. Know any?
Bailamos - Enrique
Objection - Shakira

Whats a better look, ambercrombie and fitch pretty boy look, or sexy latino player look with long hair?
or a thug look, i where polos somtimes or white tees, curious if i should wear small shirts
Uhh neither.
Do you think white girls look good with sexy latino guys?
I think so. I like seeing white girls get romanced by a latin lover. White girls around my area are always with latino guys. What's the secret?
because they are SO HOT... irresistible! and they are so romantic and know how to keep the woman's eyes focused on them. yes, I think they look really good together too. Ladies, if you don't have a papi yet... get one! :)
What website can i find sexy white or latino men?
what website can i find sexy white or latino men that will treat me right and will say age aint nun but a number
I dumped a sexy Latino girl cause I still love my ex. now what? ?
Here's the whole story. Me and Shauna went out and I felt as if I loved her. But the summer came and we were separated then it was just mostly an over the phone romance. But when I saw her my heart raced and I felt like nothing could bring me down. But because of the separation she broke up with me. Then I had a hard time moving on. But I saw on her myspace that she was "in a relationship". So I moved on and started dating a sexy, younger, Latino girl (Erika) who was offering me sex after the first week of dating. While me and Erika were dating I saw Shauna and I new she didn't like Erika. But when I saw her may heart raced and I had the "special" feeling again. I had to break up with Erika cause I still loved Shauna. Then I come to find out Shauna never had a boyfriend and that was on her myspace for other reasons. Now Shauna texts me all of the time and we talk in person. I still love Shauna but how do I get back with her and how do I know if she feels the same way. She used to write me letters a lot so I thought about writing her a saying how I feel. Is that dumb. or what should it say.
awww thats so cute :]
well if she used to write you letters maybe she feels like written words mean a lot so yeah! write her a letter.. and send her some roses..... lol=D
Me and the "sexy" Latino?
I met this sexy latino man at work, he and I agreed to fling that will be nothing serious, just fun. One of us is 29 and the other is 42, but I think he can be a little clingy or even jealous, I found out during our conversation that he lives in the same vicinity that I live in, and I have reasons to believe that he has tried to find my house (even though I did not give him my address). What do you think. should I pursue this fling-thing or not? He is really sexy, smart, and phenomenally intelligent, but I don't want anything more than what we agreed to. Help a sista out!
NO! Don't pursue this! The same thing happened to me. It only gets worse.

BTW: Why was it necessary to mention he is Latino? How significant is it to this story?
Latino girls(What makes latino girls so romantic and sexy?) ?
What makes latino girls so romantic and sexy?
somewhat I agree with uberman's answer. Not all latina girls are sexy and romantic, but even the ugly ones do have a positive attitude that they do look good, and that counts as a high self esteem. see, some white girls are always worried about diets and act ugly because they feel ugly when they can have a more sexy attitude even if they are not. black woman are sexy even if some look over weight, because they dont care about what other people think, they still feel and act as if they look good and this positive attitude its what makes someone sexy. I am an attractive latina, slim, long curly hair, tanned, but I dont feel beauty inside of me, so this makes me not a very sexy person, other than I am extremely shy and not confident enough, which men dont like that much. Also latina girls are considered to be sexy and romantic because we are affectionate physically compared to other countries, we kiss alot, hug alot and talk alot when we have trust in people, this makes people beautiful as well. We also have alot of variety in our race, we have white, black and indian latinas, which their is a variety of different looks for different tastes, but this does not have to do with sexy and romantic. I think their is beauty in every race and romantic has to do with how the person feels about their partner. The girl that answered first is just jealous of how latina girls can be confident and feel beautiful even if their bellies are hanging out, maybe she needs to go to Puerto Rico and Im sure she will regret the negative comments.

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