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If a girl with a bf kisses another girl (drunk, for fun, taking pics)... = cheating? y/n?
If a girl who has a boyfriend of 1+ years, kisses her girl friend while out at the club one night... when taking pics just for fun... is that considered cheating?
I don't think it would be considered cheating, but for some people it may be different. Some guys might consider it cheating, others will say that it's not cheating.
If a guy gets drunk and somehow ends up posing for pics wearing his X girl friends bras & undies will his?
friends not look at the pictures on the internet if he asks them to?
They'll look.
Why do teen girls put pics of them selves drinking on facebook?
i dont get it... like i look at a friends pics and she has a pic of her self drinking from the bottle, and all i here about in school is ppl getting drunk and smoking weed, or cigarettes. and dont get me wrong here, ive smoked and drank plenty of times, but i dont brag about it. do they do this to be cool, or some other reason. polz tell me?
I agree with Tony's answer... Also, for my grade 10 careers class, we had to make a box full of things that represent us, and guess what a girl did? She put a picture of her and her friends drinking! Puts teachers and employers in a tough position :)
There is a girl I know that is 19 and a guy got her drunk that is 39 and took advantage of her?
and then emailed me pics of what happen and it looks like she is passed out. She feels its her fault and is afraid to tell the police. Can I do it and tell the police what happen and show the pics that he took of her and what they were doing while a age girl was drunk and passed out?
your friend was raped. put this pervert in jail. call the police for her, and support her. if you don't, he could do this to someone else.
If an X girl friend sends out some pics of me modeling some of her underwear & dresses how badly will it hurt?
my chances with the women that see it?
Also will they at least assume that I was drunk and that she forced to wear her stuff?
It might hurt your chances with some women. Others won't care, and some might even find it a turn-on.
What do you do when you see pics of your man at a house party necking with another girl?
So I'm on facebook and I see a pic of my boyfriend rolling around with another girl. In one she's kissing his neck, the second he's laying on top of her, and the third shes on his back. I know they were drunk, because the next day his friend dropped his drunk a** off at my house. I'm soooo mad right now. What do I do???
tell him what you found and how it makes you feel...... you have a right to be mad so scream your head off - i'd personally make him feel like sh*t like he did to you right now... that must be awful and im sorry being drunk is no excuse
Drunk girl pic sites?
any good recommendations for sites that specialize in real pics of wasted college/high school girls? not the posed or 30-something "college girl" sites
Thank God for the internet !
I got pretty drunk on Halloween and ended up putting on my wifes old swiss beer girl costume and her bra?
underpants! It has been 4 days and she is still teasing me about this and looking at the pics!
Is this normal ?
When do you think she will forget about this?
Hey its all in fun! If you both got a laugh out of it. then hope she never forgets. Always laugh together, and hold on to what makes the marriage fun.
My sister has pics of me drinking beer ! Should I just let her tell mom or spend 4 hours of "girl time" which?
she won't really be specific as to what that means?

Basicly 4 hours of some silly torture by my sister or a month of grounding?

Any thoughts?
Girl time, you'll probably just be her manslave, it won't be that bad as long as you don't mind painting nails and giving footrubs

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